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Plastic Chrome

DSC00413 (Custom)Tricked Out Custom Cycles offers traditional electroplating on Plastics parts!!!

offers traditional electroplating on plastic

View our gallery for some examples of popular pieces we do. Please call us for an exact price for the part you want plated 215.674.4340

or Email us a picture of the parts for a quote.

Ready to Chrome your parts. FOLLOW THESE STEPS.

1. Print and fill out our packing list form. This form must be sent along with your parts.

2. All parts must be fully disassembled before shipping or additional fees will apply.plasticchrome-1

3. Upon arrival of your parts, you will be contacted and a deposit maybe be required.

4. Parts will be inventoried and a job # will be assigned to start the plating process.

5. After the chroming process is complete payment in full will be required before return shipping.

6. Tracking information will be sent you automatically via the email address on the form you filled out.

Turn around times are 6-8 weeks. Times may vary due to seasonal demand.

Plastic Chrome Gallery


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